Sankofa Conference

“The Intergenerational Transmission of Culture: Building and Sustaining Family and Community Institutions”

2720 Iverson Street • Temple Hills, MD  20748

April 7 – 9, 2017

Sankofa Journal Submissions

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  • What is an appropriate definition of “Nationbuilding” given the historical, philosophic, political, economic and cultural conditions/constraints of Afrikans in the Americas?
  • What lessons and strategies do the historic models of “Nationbuilding” in ancient and traditional Afrika provide for us today?
  • What lessons and actionable principles can be learned from the liberation movements of the mid to late twentieth century?
  • What are the specific social/political/economic conditions of Afrikans in America that warrant “Nationbuilding” strategies and action?
  • What is an appropriate definition of strategy?
  • What current theorists, activists, historians, philosophers/thinkers, elders… have made substantive and concrete/palpable/working…contributions to the current dialogue and institution building… efforts?




  • An Afrikan Perspective on History and Identity: The Historical Spirocycle
  • Onyame Nhye-hyee – A Paradigm of ReAfrikanization, Nationbuilding and Family Development   / Ankobea Leadership Training Retreat
  • Gender Session:  Role of Afrikan men/women in the establishment and maintenance of substantive personal relationships and Community Development


  • Family in Nationbuilding: Definition, Formation, organization, Mission and Accountability
  • Organization and Institutional Formation, Mission, Strategy and in Facilitating Nationbuilding
  • Development, Role and Strategies of Community Institutions in Nationbuilding


  • Nationbuilding in Times of Social Crisis
  • Nationbuilding: Definitions and Strategic Actions
  • Implementation and Accountability


  • Afrikan Health and Well-being
  • TBA

CONFERENCE FEES (Sankofa 2016):

Weekend (Sankofa Journal included in weekend fee)
$125 • Adult
$70 • Student/Senior
$60 • Youth (13 – 17)
$40 • Children (4 – 12)

Per Day
$65 • Adult
$40 • Student/Senior
$35 • Youth (13 – 17)
$20 • Children (4 – 12)

Family discount given for each additional child

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