Sankofa Conference


Re-Emergence of the Afrikan World: Strategies Forward Amidst Demographic and Environmental Changes

Location: TBD, Washington DC Area

April 3 – 5, 2020


  • What is an appropriate definition of “Nationbuilding” given the historical, philosophic, political, economic and cultural conditions/constraints of Afrikans in the Americas?
  • What lessons and strategies do the historic models of “Nationbuilding” in ancient and traditional Afrika provide for us today?
  • What lessons and actionable principles can be learned from the liberation movements of the mid to late twentieth century?
  • What are the specific social/political/economic conditions of Afrikans in America that warrant “Nationbuilding” strategies and action?
  • What is an appropriate definition of strategy?
  • What current theorists, activists, historians, philosophers/thinkers, elders… have made substantive and concrete/palpable/working…contributions to the current dialogue and institution building… efforts?



  • An Afrikan Perspective on History and Identity: The Historical Spirocycle
  • Onyame Nhye-hyee – A Paradigm of ReAfrikanization, Nationbuilding and Family Development   / Ankobea Leadership Training Retreat
  • Gender Session:  Role of Afrikan men/women in the establishment and maintenance of substantive personal relationships and Community Development


  • Family in Nationbuilding: Definition, Formation, organization, Mission and Accountability
  • Organization and Institutional Formation, Mission, Strategy and in Facilitating Nationbuilding
  • Development, Role and Strategies of Community Institutions in Nationbuilding


  • Nationbuilding in Times of Social Crisis
  • Nationbuilding: Definitions and Strategic Actions
  • Implementation and Accountability


  • TBD

CONFERENCE FEES  (updated Sankofa 2019):

Due to the evolving cost in hosting the conference in the metropolitan area, we have increased our conference fee to maintain the levels of service and standards.  

Weekend (Sankofa Journal included in weekend fee)
$150 • Adult
$90 • Student/Senior
$75 • Youth (13 – 17)
$50 • Children (4 – 12)

Per Day
$85 • Adult
$50 • Student/Senior
$45 • Youth (13 – 17)
$30 • Children (4 – 12)

Family discount given for each additional child

For Inquiries or Registration:

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